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Re: Proposal: s have a GR about the init system

Charles Plessy writes ("Re: Proposal: s have a GR about the init system"):
> For the choice of an init system, the technical comittee is a typical example
> where conflict of interest disqualifies a large number of its members (3
> current or former employees of Canonical).  This has been also observed in
> comittees making decisions on the approval of pharmaceutical drugs on the
> market, for instance, and it is a hard problem to solve.

If you're counting me in those 3, I would like to clarify something.

As everyone knows, I left Canonical a number of years ago.  I quit,
after a number of disagreements (some public, but many more private)
with some of the senior staff, because of some very unfortunate
behaviour by my management at Canonical.  Obviously this is not the
kind of thing one makes a lot of noise about, but much of what
happened was no fun for me at all and I'm certainly no Canonical

For what it's worth, I have complete confidence in Steve and Colin.
(I have known Colin for a very long time as a friend, from well before
either of us got involved with Canonical.)


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