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Re: systemd effectively mandatory now due to GNOME

On Sun, Oct 27, 2013 at 07:12:21PM -0400, The Wanderer wrote:
> (As far as I can tell this is the actual root of the problem, at least
> for this iteration of the argument: the fact that logind now requires
> systemd.)

That's due to cgroups change. There seem to be 2 other potential
implementations of the same cgroups daemon. Once they're a bit mature
and if technically feasible, (no clue) it might be an idea to just push
for making logind work with *a* cgroups manager. Not just systemd. But
logind was never meant to be separate, so not sure how future proof that
would be.

>From GNOME side, we're ok for pushing for something like this. But then
someone first needs to make it feasible and support it. To be really
clear: bulk of work should be done outside of GNOME/systemd.

> >* Gnome is said to work fine even on platforms that don't have
> >systemd installed. Does this mean that systemd is optional?
> My understanding from what I've read is that it "works fine" except in
> that the features which the ConsoleKit-or-logind dependency provides
> aren't available. That's derived from indirect statements from several
> people in various parts of the discussion; if I'm wrong on that, someone
> please correct me.

We still support ConsoleKit, but GNOME without systemd results in less
features unless you maintain those parts yourself. Gentoo recently
decided that was too basic and didn't want to maintain choice themselves.
This meant that they see GNOME requiring systemd. It is kind of
unfortunate the delay in feedback from various distributions from
upstream work+decisions. E.g. Gentoo decided this based on GNOME 3.8
integration, while we released 3.10 and now focussing on 3.12.


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