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Re: Proposal: s have a GR about the init system

Le dimanche, 27 octobre 2013 08.49:59 Charles Plessy a écrit :
> I strongly recommend that the three current and former employees of
> Canonical refrain from voting: (…)

Frankly, I think this is going too far. Either we trust them to "do the 
right thing"™ or we don't.

In the first case, we should all "assume good faith" and let them do 
what they see best as tech-ctte members (and employees of their 
respective employers), including assessing the risk of people second-
guessing their votes or the timings of their votes, etc, etc. "Doing the 
right thing" could very well be to refrain from voting but that must be 
their individual decision, not a following of any recommendation.

In the latter case, we should appeal to §6.2.5 and ask the tech-ctte and 
the DPL to revoke their tech-ctte mandates.

As I don't think there's space for a middle ground ala "we trust some 
members of the tech-ctte but not others based on who pays their bills", 
I'm convinced that now is the time to empower the tech-ctte with our 
trust and let them collectively and individually decide on that matter.

Cheers, OdyX

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