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Re: Proposal: s have a GR about the init system

On Fri, Oct 25, 2013 at 10:31:32PM -0400, Scott Kitterman wrote:
> Personally, I don't think there's more than one sane choice for Jessie anyway:
> 1.  Init systems in Debian MUST provided compatibility with sysvinit scripts.
> 2.  Packages needing an init MUST provide a sysvinit script and may provide 
> native init scripts also for alternative systems.
> 3.  For the various CD #1 options, there can be different default init scripts
> Something like that.  Anyone who thinks their pet sysvinit alternate is going 
> to destroy all opposition and become the one true init for Jessie is dreaming.

Even if we all suddenly agreed to one option, a switch for Jessie is
impossible because of upgrades: a system must not become unusable before
init is reloaded on reboot.  Just like kernels, the previous stable
release's init must be enough for daemons, as you can't[1] replace the
running init.

Thus, sysvinit compat must remain at least until after Jessie.

[1]. Technically, on modern Linux you can ptrace init, and thus force it to
exec() something else, but that's obviously not a real option here.


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