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Re: Proposal: switch default desktop to xfce

Sune Vuorela wrote:
> I've said that for years, but we still haven't changed to KDE Plasma
> Desktop as the default.


This makes it difficult to argue that more of our users would be happy with
kde (or lxde) than with xfce.

I'm assuming that, despite kfreebsd *defaulting* to xfce rather than
gnome in wheezy (IIRC), there are not enough kfreebsd users to
significantly bias the numbers. Since there are still under 200 popcon
reporters for kfreebsd-*, that seems right.

Of course, the gnome default makes adding gnome to the plot not
currently useful. One nice side benefit of at least temporarily
switching the default desktop to xfce would be that if a lot of people
wanted gnome, rather than just picking it as the default, we'd see that
reflected in the popcon data.

see shy jo

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