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MySQL.. no.. _I_ need your help!

Greetings earthlings,

As some of you may know, I've been doing the bulk of the package
maintenance on the mysql package for a while now. It started as part of
my day job with Canonical, but since leaving Canonical it has been more
a labor of love for Debian.

I have love for other things too, such as my children, and seeing the
sun shine every once in a while. Thus, I have found almost no time for
packaging MySQL for Debian.

I am asking you, the Debian developers, to step up and help. I am
basically unable to contribute more than an hour a month now. There is a
new round of secret CVE bugs to fix, and some old bugs that need to be
handled. I think my October hour is about to be available, so I might
be able to address those, but after that, if I don't get any more help,
I'm done.

What can you do to help?

- Raise your hand and say you'll help
- Perhaps help us do this right (I suspect I should have an RFH bug)
- Join #debian-mysql on OFTC
- Join the alioth team and request svn access
- Triage bugs (src:mysql-5.5 and for oldstable src:mysql-5.1)
- Help package the latest patch releases from Oracle
- Help with MariaDB (James Page and Otto, thanks for doing this btw!)
- Help us migrate to git

Now, all of that said, please do not just pick up the package and run
off and do a bunch of things without first letting us know you're doing
it. There are people quietly working on some long term interesting
things and you may be duplicating or diverging heavily from their work.

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