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Re: Proposal: switch default desktop to xfce

Jonas Smedegaard <dr <at> jones.dk> writes:

> xfswitch-plugin is suggested by xfce4-goodies, so irrelevant for this 
> discussion.

Fair enough, but
suggests that, given a ConsoleKit removal, xfce still depends
on systemd just like GNOME.

That’s why I’d say xfce is *not* a valid default desktop *either*.

Sure, why not KDE except for the size (which is an issue with
GNOME too)? It even works, and is decent fast, on m68k (SCNR).

But honestly, why a DE at all? rra said, for example, he doesn’t
even use it, but due to DEs he’s probably not even thought of not
using one. And IceWM, of which I have fond memories as it’s the
first WM I ever used too, works just fine. And it’s not as hard
to use as evilwm (my current personal favourite), fvwm2, *box,
twm, or the tiling window managers.


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