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Re: Proposal: switch default desktop to xfce

Steve McIntyre <steve <at> einval.com> writes:

>  * Does not depend on replacing init

Wasn’t there some mention of xfce needing gnome-settings-daemon as well,
which would kinda defeat the point?

I’d be for IceWM as default setup, as opposed to a full Desktop Environment,
and then people can either add/mix packages from DEs as needed or choose a
different one in the installer. (It’s currently nontrivial to do so, the
task list has only one entry for DE. This ought to change.) I fully agree
with the statement that choosing the interface is one of the very few
choices that newcomers would *indeed* want to make.

And IceWM is a small, fast, usable default choice which will be familiar
to everyone who used a GUI computer in the last decades, except maybe for
the last 3-4 years when everyone went crazy over swish-to-do-stuff inter-
faces, phones, etc.

And then present Debian with all DEs, with the theme-du-release, to the
media, so that people truly get that Debian is the Universal OS, not just
“another GNOME ship”.


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