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Re: Please assume good faith (was Re: systemd effectively mandatory now due to GNOME)

On Do, 24 Okt 2013, Charles Plessy wrote:
> at this point, I would like to point at a very important part of the
> "revised code of conduct" that Wouter is proposing: "Assume good faith".

On Do, 24 Okt 2013, Adam Borowski wrote:
> My apologies, I overreacted.

Oh holy s...sunshine (I have to be careful, otherwise I will be ostracised
again) ... now that useless "political correctness" is taking
over again.

Clear critic with real background - many of us have the same experience -
(how many times did my system break in the last years due to GNome?)
are silence by
	Code of Conduct

Now, let me know - is this the new way of silencing critical voices?

This is what is happening in many policitcal and social landscape -
say that it is not correct and put it under the carpet.

Brave New World


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