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Re: Two new DNS virtual packages (authoritative-name-server & recursive-name-server)

"Ondřej Surý" <ondrej@sury.org> wrote:
>there are now couple of quality DNS servers and most of their
>maintainers have agreed that it might be useful to have a virtual
>package that we can add to Provides: so it's easy to pick one DNS
>if one needs it.
>The proposed names are:
>authoritative-name-server - authoritative domain name server
>recursive-name-server - recursive domain name server
>Any objections?
>I got +1 from bind9, powerdns, nsd3/4[*] and knot[*]. gdnsd maintainer
>don't mind and Robert (unbound maintainer) is probably off-line, but I
>doubt he would mind.
>* - well, that's me

Should there be default-* too?

Scott K

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