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Re: Two new DNS virtual packages (authoritative-name-server & recursive-name-server)

On 22/10/13 14:43, Ondřej Surý wrote:
> The proposed names are:
> authoritative-name-server - authoritative domain name server
> recursive-name-server - recursive domain name server
> Any objections?

If you depend on one of these, what functionality can you rely on having
"out of the box"? What packages do you expect to benefit from having
these virtual packages to depend on?

For a recursive name server, is the expected functionality "it listens
on port 53, and will resolve DNS names without relying on any non-local,
non-authoritative DNS servers" or something?

For an authoritative name server, all I can think of is "listens on port
53 and does something" - or is there some portable location where
packages are expected to be able to put zone files, or what?

Are simple DNS forwarders like dnsmasq, which have simplistic
authoritative resolution for a LAN and pass the rest to an external
recursive nameserver, expected to provide a virtual package?


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