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Re: openpty under kFreeBSD

Hi Daniel,

On 03/10/13 14:00, Daniel Lintott wrote:
> I am currently in the process of packaging a piece of software over on
> Mentors, but have run into a bug affecting only kFreeBSD.

Thanks for your interest in making it work!

> The software calls openpty, but this fails with the error
> 	No child processes

I'd be interested to see output of running it under `ktrace -di -- ...`
then `kdump -f ktrace.out`.  In order to see if some system call fails
prior to that, and where exactly that message is printed from.

> The code in question can be found here [1] and the RFS bug report can
> be found here [2]

I found vpcs 0.4b2-1 on mentors, but it does not contain a source file
called hv.c?  Do I have the wrong version?

Steven Chamberlain

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