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Security process vs. pu (Re: Bug#723641: pu: package xen/4.1.4-5)

Hi Bastian,

Would you say that for publicly disclosed issues, the 'open' approach of
pu works better?  Meaning:

  1. debdiff gets reviewed on a public list, others have an opportunity
to help review and point out a mistake, and the discussion is archived
  2. the proposed updates queue has a public page[2]
  3. buildd status and logs are public[3]
  4. dak emails the maintainer and updates the PTS
  5. the changelog can be found on packages.d.o

[2]: http://release.debian.org/proposed-updates/stable.html
[3]: https://buildd.debian.org/status/architecture.php?a=amd64&suite=wheezy

Whereas the above is generally not true of the Security Team's process,
which seems designed to be able to handle embargoed issues?

Steven Chamberlain

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