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Re: automake transition breakages

Russ Allbery <rra@debian.org> (2013-09-30):
> I use -Werror for Automake for all of the packages for which I'm upstream
> and have not noticed it being a serious issue, although maybe I'm missing
> something?  But I didn't have any trouble regenerating the files for my
> various packages with Automake 1.14.

That's nice for well maintained packages. Not so nice when packages
start FTBFSing in the middle of a transition because of an automake
update, and maintainers are otherwise busy or MIA.

> -Werror for a compiler is a bad idea for Debian packages because, unless
> you do extensive portability testing, it's quite likely that there will be
> warnings on some platform on which the code is not regularly tested but
> which aren't serious issues.  Also, each new version of the compiler comes
> with a ton of new warnings, most of which are not significant.

No doubt.

> Automake, by comparison, runs the same on every host, so if you've fixed
> the warnings on your local system, they're fixed everywhere.  And it has
> considerably fewer warnings, and far fewer that are introduced in each new
> version.

Meaning one needs to get a fix once; a random NMUer might need to chase
upstream patches (never a pleasure when fixing unrelated issues). Given
what you wrote, I'm not sure what it buys us to keep -Werror in
distribution packages, except for the possibly ticking time bomb.


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