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Re: Bug#724980: ITP: trove -- Database as a Service for OpenStack


On Montag, 30. September 2013, Clint Byrum wrote:
> And what user-facing API would you use to let the user do that apt-get
> install after automatically provisioning a server sized right for that DB?
> And to add users?
> "_something_ as a service" is an understood term these days. Just like
> "Desktop" is known not to mean an actual meatspace surface where you
> put things, but a particular software concept.
> For "as a Service", that concept is an API which simplifies provisioning
> and configuration automation.

I see. 

As Stefano pointed out, I wasnt questioning the usefulness of this package - 
also because I didnt get what it is/does.

And, I disagree that '"_something_ as a service" is an understood term these 
days.' - to me it's mostly a marketing term which no clear meaning and I 
probably know more about this than the average Debian user...

To rephrase: please provide some more useful information what the package 
actually is good for in the long description.


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