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Re: Decision on R datasets

Faheem Mitha <faheem <at> faheem.info> writes:
> I'm sorry to hear that you will not be working on R packaging for
> Debian any more. Unfortunately. there are very few people working on R
> packaging in Debian. There is Dirk, of course, but few other names
> appear consistently. In particular, there is nothing like a R
> packaging team despite R's significant and growing importance in the
> larger FOSS community.

There is Don Armstrong's   r-debian.debian.net   which turns CRAN packages
into Debian packages (building on two earlier cran2deb efforts I was 
involved in, once with an extremely gifted GSoC student).  

And there is Michael Rutter's c2d4u variant using launchpad (for Ubuntu).

Both autogenerated thousands of packages.  

Within Debian, it is complicated. I am not sure what percentage of 
CRAN we should package.  The most important packages, yes.  But 
indiscriminately?  Not sure.  Installing in /usr/local and using R to 
update works really well too.


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