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Re: Decision on R datasets

(as me, a DD, not as ftpteam)

On Sat, Sep 21, 2013 at 04:59:55PM +0900, Charles Plessy wrote:
> Hello FTP team and everybody,


> In the thread that you cite, I sent another email where I asked for:
>  - Time for a transition,
>  - Precise criteria,

Law isn't precise. I think you should know (by now) that what makes up
preferred form of modification isn't something you can apply machine
rules to.

>  - Discussion between the FTP team, the maintainers of R packages in Debian,
>    and the R community.
>    http://lists.debian.org/20130807233230.GA12437@falafel.plessy.net
> With the above, I got none of what I asked.
>  - There is nothing about how to deal with packages that fail your criteria
>    and that are already in Debian.
>  - Your criteria are imprecise: How do you want me to negociate with upstream
>    developers on the basis that their data was not created "painstakingly"
>    enough to be distributable in binary format ?

That's not what it's about. Please re-read my many emails to you
explaining this many different ways. This decision is in-line with how I
was suggesting you view the issue.

>  - There was no discussion before you announce your decision, which suggests
>    that further discussion is not possible.
> Currently, I can not bear the work load created by your decision,

I'm sorry you feel that way. This is to ensure we have sources for all
generated binaries.

One way we do this is by only shipping binaries we build at build-time
from source.  This means there's no way we can generate binaries without
source. Perhaps you want to generate your rda files at build-time.

> in particular
> because of the lack of coordination and negociation with the R community. I
> do not agree your reasonnings, and threfore can not be your voice upstream. It
> is unfortunate that you did not seek their point of view (at least in public).

The ftpteam sought trusted input. Input which understood licensing and R
data formats. The input was in-line with the decision.

> I therefore decided to stop uploading R packages to Debian.  I use some of
> these packages on multiple computers, and will keep on sharing my work with
> others on Alioth, but that is all.

I find your tone immature.

In the future, it might be nice to wait a few hours to think about what
you're saying. Perhaps talk it over with a friend. Get a stress ball, I
don't know, just don't keep sending emails with such vitriol in them.

You don't see anyone else sending such ill will your way, why do you
feel the need to use such a irrational tone?

Please don't upload stuff we wouldn't accept into the archive onto
debian machines. If it's not fit for the archive, I don't understand why
you think it's OK to distribute this on Debian machines.

C'mon. Really.

> For any of them where I was the sole
> uploader, please feel free to delete them from our archive.

Please file RoM bugs.

> Cheers,


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