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Re: Removing old unmaintained X drivers

On Fri, Sep 27, 2013 at 19:27:37 +0200, Guillem Jover wrote:

> Hi!
> On Thu, 2013-09-26 at 23:26:22 +0200, Julien Cristau wrote:
> > we (the debian X Strike Force) are thinking of removing the following
> > packages from the archive, unless somebody steps up (soon) to take care
> > of them.
> I assume here you mean maintaining them in Debian (or perhaps upstream
> too?).
If they're maintained upstream the XSF can probably keep maintaining
the packages.

> > The reason is they see 0 testing, nobody maintains them
> > upstream, if you're lucky people keep some of them building when APIs
> > change, if you're very lucky they get a release with all the build fixes
> > once in a while, and it's likely most of them don't have any users
> > anymore.
> Several of the below modules are claimed as maintained in upstream's
> MAINTAINERS file. If that's not the case I guess it would be nice to
> get that updated so that it's clear what's the status on them and so
> other people can step up there if they feel like it.
I admit I didn't cross-check against the MAINTAINERS file.  But at least
some that are listed as maintained there were removed in X11R7.7:

> > While it would probably be easy to get them to stop FTBFS
> > right now, it doesn't seem worth it to keep all of those drivers around
> > with the maintenance overhead that comes with that if nobody's going to
> > notice anyway.
> Sure, although several of them have newer releases upstream or fixes
> in master that make them build from source.
Getting the packages to build this time isn't a big issue.  But if these
drivers get no testing I think it's better to not ship them than to ship
them broken.  And if they have no users then time spent
maintaining/fixing them could be better spent elsewhere.

> > So please speak up if you want to see one of these in jessie.
> I'll keep an eye on the tdfx one upstream. If it got to be removed
> from Debian, I might consider taking over maintainership here.

> > xserver-xorg-video-voodoo
> Maintained upstream. New release builds.
The last change from Alan (who's listed as maintainer) was 5 years

> > xserver-xorg-video-chips
> > xserver-xorg-video-glint
> > xserver-xorg-video-i128
> > xserver-xorg-video-i740
> > xserver-xorg-video-rendition
> > xserver-xorg-video-tdfx
> > xserver-xorg-video-tga
> > xserver-xorg-video-tseng
> Maintained upstream. Master builds.
I think that's yet another case of MAINTAINERS being outdated.


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