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Re: Upcoming changes in Tcl/Tk packaging

+++ Sergei Golovan [2013-09-25 12:25 +0400]:
> Hi fellow developers,
> I would like to introduce a few significant changes into Debian Tcl/Tk
> packages. 

Thank you for doing this work, and for this clear summary.

> 1. Multiarchifying Tcl/Tk. This means splitting out the libtcl8.5
> package with libraries moved to /usr/lib/<triplet> and with common Tcl
> code in /usr/share/tcltk/tcl8.5.
> Any questions, comments. Anything I've missed?

Yes, the other multiarch-related change needed in tcl is making
tclConfig.sh and tkConfig.sh cross-friendly.

This is not strictly tied to the above changes, but because
tclConfig.sh is arch-specific, and revdeps are affected by the other
changes it makes sense to fix this now whilst we are making a mess.

The existing (ubuntu) patches add a compat script at 
/usr/lib/tcl8.6/tclConfig.sh which calls 

which enables backwards compatibility and will usually work, so long
as whatever called it really did want the host-arch version. Fixing
rdeps to actually call the arch wanted during the build is better
because it will always work. Providing <triplet>-tclConfig.sh links
would be consistent with the way this has been made config-system
friendly and distro-agnostic in other packages. 

Migrating tcl to use pkgconfig instead would remove the need for this
to be arch-specific, which is an even better solution, but I don't
know how enthused upstream is about doing that.

So have you included this change too? Doing so does not require
revdeps changes so long as they only need the host arch version. We
could force them to actually choose the one they want by not including
the compatibility layer, but that seems like too big a hammer. There
are 246 packages that build-dep on {tcl|tk}(8.[456])*-dev

Some relevant bugs:

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