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Re: Replacing unrar-free with unar wrapper


> This all sounds like a great idea, but I would suggest that rather than
> attempt to be command-line compatible with the existing tool, you
> clearly define a set of command line arguments and their corresponding
> semantics that you *do* support, ensuring that it is an accurate and
> correct subset of the behaviour of the original tool, and implement
> that. Ensure this covers the behaviour that is relied upon by the things
> that you are aware of already (e.g. calibre). Otherwise 90% of your
> effort will be on re-implementing esoteric or awkward features or
> behaviours that are not practically required.

yep, that occured to me today when I found that both unrar-free and
unrar-nonfree are incompletely documented and have some antifeatures I
do not even no any justification for.

I think I will go with your proposal and hope the unrar-free and unar
maintainers like it as well.


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