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Re: Replacing unrar-free with unar wrapper

Dominik George dijo [Mon, Sep 23, 2013 at 04:30:59PM +0200]:
> Hi, maintainers of unar and unrar-free,

Hi (as a maintainer for neither of them but a frustrated user),

> as you might have seen on the BTS, I have today filed a bug report on
> unrar-free and revisited an old bug, both of which make unrar-free
> largely unusable [1][2]. I found that unrar-free seems to be umaintained
> and has not had any commits by upstream for the last 6+ years, and
> important bugs are open and ignored.
> (...)
> My proposal is to remove unrar-free from Debian, for the reasons
> mentioned above, and add a patch to src:unar that include a wrapper
> script that provides a command-line wrapper compatible to both
> unrar-free and unrar-nonfree, so unar can become a drop-in replacement
> for both.

Yes, I completely ack your proposal. unrar-free is useless for
practical matters nowadays, and it just creates frustration for our
users. It is *extremely* uncommon to receive a rar archive that's
openable with it.

> I would like to create th ewrapper script and resulting patch, but
> first, I would like to hear your thoughts about my research and
> proposal.

I expect the wrapper to be quite easy to make (of course, for the most
common options, I don't know how far in the UI emulation you plan to
dig), and would really welcome you doing this. 

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