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Re: Upcoming changes in Tcl/Tk packaging

Am 25.09.2013 10:25, schrieb Sergei Golovan:
> Hi fellow developers,
> I would like to introduce a few significant changes into Debian Tcl/Tk
> packages. Some of them have quite significant impact on their reverse
> dependencies which will need a transition, I think. The proposed
> changes are already in the experimental branch, so anyone could try
> and break things.
> The changes are (I use Tcl/Tk 8.5 as an example, but the same changes
> are applied to 8.4 and 8.6 as well):

would it be possible to drop 8.4 first?

> 1. Multiarchifying Tcl/Tk. This means splitting out the libtcl8.5
> package with libraries moved to /usr/lib/<triplet> and with common Tcl
> code in /usr/share/tcltk/tcl8.5. The same is for Tk (libtk8.5 is the
> new package name). This change doesn't cause any impact on the reverse
> dependent packages.

Is this just the shared library, or -dev and -dbg packages as well?  Will it be
possible to cross-build Tcl/Tk extensions?

> Also, current stable upstream Tcl/Tk version is 8.6.1, but I wouldn't
> like to switch to it now because it'll complicate the process of
> removing alternatives a lot. But later I'd like to have another
> transition (switching to 8.6 as default Tcl/Tk version).

Do you have numbers what will break with 8.6?


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