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Re: Upcoming changes in Tcl/Tk packaging

Hi Sergei,

(replying to the first part only since it strikes me)

Sergei Golovan <sgolovan@nes.ru> (2013-09-25):
> 2. Renaming tcl8.5-dev and tk8.5-dev into libtcl8.5-dev and
> libtk8.5-dev respectively (the latter packages still provide the
> former as virtual packages to break as few packages as it could be).
> This change is not strictly necessary, but the new names follow the
> common convention for development libraries.

please don't. Renaming without having a reason is a bad idea, that means
creating a lot of work for no benefit. (Besides having to adjust a few
packages in unstable, which you mentioned already, imagine someone
backporting her packages to previous releases, she gets to carry a diff
because of “cosmetics”, which isn't nice.)

> 3. Renaming tcl-dev and tk-dev into libtcl-dev and libtk-dev. Since
> too many packages have versioned build-dependencies on tcl-dev or
> tk-dev, I chose to retain tcl-dev and tk-dev packages (as
> meta-packages which depend on libtcl-dev and libtk-dev). Switching to
> libtcl-dev and libtk-dev can be gradual. Would adding a lintian
> warning discouraging to use the old names possible?

Same as above: creating work for no actual benefit.

If that was triggered by some lintian warnings, just override them and
be done with it. Lintian isn't here to generate work.


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