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gngb, hey debian games team

Hi. I see gngb still doesn't work with my gamepad, so I went looking for the code I wrote a few years ago. I found my 'memory.c.diff' on the Peponas website, which I downloaded and (not surprisingly) just gives me something about "garbage" from the patch program. I honestly don't patch much, or write diffs much - I was hoping someone else would figure that out. Heh.

Well, I rewrote some code to make gngb work with my gamepad (and most others that report axis values from -32k to 32k? or so) and I'd like to submit it to the world. I downloaded the source for gngb 20060309-3, patched it with the debian 20060309-3.diff and made my changes against that.

FWIW, I've tried most of the other Gameboy emulators and I like this one the best.

I'm also curious to know if I'm just an edge-case or if most gamepads don't report negative axis values?

Please advise. Thanks for your time!

-Adam Morissun

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