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Re: gngb, hey debian games team

You should not make assumptions on axis values, each controller needs to be 
calibrated to check for its specific axis range.

In data sabato 21 settembre 2013 20.28.55, Adam Morissun ha scritto:
> Hi. I see gngb still doesn't work with my gamepad, so I went looking for
> the code I wrote a few years ago. I found my 'memory.c.diff' on the
> Peponas website, which I downloaded and (not surprisingly) just gives me
> something about "garbage" from the patch program. I honestly don't patch
> much, or write diffs much - I was hoping someone else would figure that
> out. Heh.
> Well, I rewrote some code to make gngb work with my gamepad (and most
> others that report axis values from -32k to 32k? or so) and I'd like to
> submit it to the world. I downloaded the source for gngb 20060309-3,
> patched it with the debian 20060309-3.diff and made my changes against that.
> FWIW, I've tried most of the other Gameboy emulators and I like this one
> the best.
> I'm also curious to know if I'm just an edge-case or if most gamepads
> don't report negative axis values?
> Please advise. Thanks for your time!
> -Adam Morissun
> rtfm13@gmail.com
Salvo Tomaselli


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