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Re: overriding udev rules

Ben Hutchings wrote:
> But you don't actually want that behaviour.  You cannot assume anything
> about the order in which net devices are created and therefore you still
> need rules for persistent names unless your machines have only one
> Ethernet(-like) interface (the usual VM case).
> You'll need to install rules that work out which interface should be
> 'eth0' (or, better, some meaningful name) based on the site conventions
> for wiring up network ports.

Note that such a convention is already the default in upstream udev [1]
(at least assuming the hardware layout on the machines is the same - if
it isn't, then it's of course impossible to have any non-site-specific
rule which could determine which parts of different hardware layouts
should correspond to each other). The udev packages in experimental
support that naming scheme, but as a Debian-specific change still
default to the old naming rules (the ones that modify configuration when
they see a new MAC address for the first time).


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