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Re: Opt-out or Opt-in vebose build logs Re: jessie release goal: verbose build logs

Am 13.08.2013 21:10, schrieb Adam Borowski:
> So I guess it would be best to put the threshold at automated vs
> human-supervised builds.  What about setting the flag per-tool rather than
> per-deployment?  For example, pbuilder would default to verbose (as you
> can't restart builds) while dpkg-buildpackage in the absence of inherited
> settings would default to terse.
> This way we'd be spared the spam during development.

If you want to go this road, then it would be per use-case, not per tool.  When
looking at a QA maintained package, or looking at an unfixed RC issue in a
package I do not maintain, I want to have as much information as possible.
Filtering this information on my own is an easy task, however trying to figure
out how to make a build to print all information usually takes a bit longer.  So
probably the package maintainer likes the terse build logs too, but he is
usually the one who can make them terse without any effort.  However people
occasionally looking at a package are much better served with a complete build log.

Working all the time with dpkg-buildpackage, so even there the default should be
the one which is the most useful for the majority of use cases.


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