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Re: Opt-out or Opt-in vebose build logs Re: jessie release goal: verbose build logs

Adam Borowski <kilobyte <at> angband.pl> writes:

> Non-spammy builds are better for builds done by a human.


They’re better for builds done by the developers of the upstream
software on their own systems where they know what they’re doing.

And even then, it’s a big maybe.

Every other human is a packager or porter (in a broad sense… if
I install Linux From Scratch then compile something I want to use
on it, I’m one), and those *require* verbose output, e.g. to verify
that the buildsystem didn’t eat $CFLAGS.

I can live with an optional 'silent' build option, but I personally
think everyone – especially(!) the package maintainers – should have
no need to use it.


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