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Re: PulseAudio

On Thu, 18 Jul 2013 09:14:56 +0200, Wouter Verhelst wrote:

>>>> How do I do that with just plain Alsa without using a text editor?
>>> In VLC:
>>> ctrl-p, go to the audio tab, and select the correct device in the
>>> "output" frame.
>>> That's not VLC-specific, FWIW; most applications that can do alsa
>>> output have a way to select the output device. There are exceptions,
>>> of course,
>>> but those applications are either immature or buggy.
>> Which means there is no canonical way to do it, and, like you said not
>> every application supports such an option.
> I also called those exceptions "either immature or buggy". They're far
> and few between.

I have yet to see a web browser that allows you to change which audio 
device it uses. And even if there was such a browser, Flash wouldn't pay 
any attention to its settings.

>> Do I really elaborate why a central control panel to configure that is
>> the superior solution instead of having to figure out for each and
>> every application how to do it?
> Again, there's no reason why such a control panel can't be a simple
> frontend to an asoundrc file.

I doubt any alsa client watches the .asoundrc file so that it can 
automatically reconfigure itself whenever the file is rewritten (without 
interrupting audio playback, of course). And, having wasted far too many 
hours of my life screwing around with .asoundrc, I can say with certainty 
that there is nothing simple (or indeed, even usally documented) about 
the contents of that file. :)

(Apologies for not rolling this in to my previous reply)

Sam Morris
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