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jessie release goal: verbose build logs

Much more often than I do like it, I see bug reports for the toolchain just
pointing to a build log.  Then looking at the build log, you often just see

 CC ...
 CCLD ... (sometimes even colorized)

This doesn't really help when trying to diagnose things, and even for successful
builds it's valuable to have the complete build log, including the parts how the
upstream build system is called from the Debian packaging.

Verbose build logs allow to analyse package builds and give hints to more issues
regarding the build, especially for the hardening flags.  The lintian hardening
checks are incomplete, because they rely on the inspection of the generated
binaries, which may be incomplete especially for many plugins or dynamically
loadable extensions.

So I'm proposing for jessie:

 - File and track issues for packages not enabling verbose builds.

 - Fix debhelper not passing --disable-silent-rules by default.
   I think cdbs already does this.

 - Fix debhelper to show how the upstream build system is called.
   As an alternative buildds could run with DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=verbose

 - Change Debian policy to recommend or require verbose build logs.

This is not rocket science, but allows for almost free additional QA.  Size of
the build logs shouldn't be an issue, but if it is, I'm considering to disable
compiler warning and errors messages by default, unless
DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=verbose is set.


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