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Re: jessie release goal: verbose build logs

+++ Matthias Klose [2013-06-14 13:35 +0200]:
> Much more often than I do like it, I see bug reports for the toolchain just
> pointing to a build log.  Then looking at the build log, you often just see
>  CC ...
>  CCLD ... (sometimes even colorized)
> This doesn't really help when trying to diagnose things, and even for successful
> builds it's valuable to have the complete build log, including the parts how the
> upstream build system is called from the Debian packaging.

> So I'm proposing for jessie:
>  - File and track issues for packages not enabling verbose builds.
>    https://buildd.debian.org/~brlink/bytag/W-compiler-flags-hidden.html
>  - Fix debhelper not passing --disable-silent-rules by default.
>    #680686
>    I think cdbs already does this.
>  - Fix debhelper to show how the upstream build system is called.
>    #680687
>    As an alternative buildds could run with DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=verbose
>  - Change Debian policy to recommend or require verbose build logs.
>    #628515

I'll second this. Like Doko, I've spent way too much time recently(ish)
staring at build-logs. The short-form build logs are often useless for
working out why something isn't working, or comparing successful
native builds with failed cross builds, for example.

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