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Re: jessie release goals

On 06/05/13 13:49, Andreas Beckmann wrote:
> now might be the right time to start a discussion about release goals
> for jessie.

Some random "make things less fragile" ideas, from the packages that
FTBFS with the new GLib[1]:

* Packages intended to reach stable not FTBFSing just because a
  function they or their dependencies use was deprecated
  (implementation: do not use bare -Werror or
  -Werror=deprecated-declarations; do not define G_DISABLE_DEPRECATED,
  etc.; in GNOME-land, define GLIB_VERSION_MIN_REQUIRED etc.

* Packages intended to reach stable not FTBFSing when the compiler
  introduces a new warning[2]
  (implementation: do not use bare -Werror, and certainly not -Wall
  -Wextra -Werror; specific "really bad things", like -Werror=implicit,
  are OK)

"Packages intended to reach stable" includes unstable/testing, but not
experimental or PPAs - it's OK, and perhaps even actively good, if
development code is liable to FTBFS at the slightest provocation.

Conversely, 64-bit-cleanness and general code quality would probably
benefit from an archive rebuild with -Werror=implicit (or some suitable
set of "bad" warnings). dpkg-buildflags already uses



[2] among amusing indications that -Werror is not quite right: "byzanz:
FTBFS: record.c:59:3: error: function might be possible candidate for
'gnu_printf' format attribute [-Werror=missing-format-attribute]"

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