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Re: Merging / and /usr (was: jessie release goals)

On Thu, 9 May 2013 03:31:30 +0200, md@Linux.IT (Marco d'Itri) wrote:
>This is not relevant for what we are talking about because /usr *will* 
>be required be available to boot the system no matter where the files 
>currently in /{bin,sbin,lib} will end up.

Yes. That is really bad news and I hate the idea to be forced to do
things just because a few developers are too lazy to care about
robustness. But I also acknowledge that Debian does not have the
personpower to fix upstream's deliberate breakage.

>If your goal is to have the smallest and least accessed file system 
>available for recovery then I recommend that you create a 200-250 MB 
>/boot and install grml-rescueboot.

That's how I do it for new installs. However, this is vastly more
complex than the traditional setup, and it doesn't help for systems in
maintenance mode that, for example, cannot be changed because of
service level agreements and certifications.

Using Debian happens beyond single-user home desktop settings, you

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