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Re: Debian 7

On Thu, May 09, 2013 at 01:49:56AM +1030, Mikael Livchenko wrote:
>    Debian developers have allot to learn
>    still in 2013 the documentation is flawed from the very first line.
>    http://www.debian.org/releases/stable/installmanual
>    "Debian wheezy -- Installation Guide"
>    What is Debian wheezy? I only downloaded 'Debian 7'.
>    wheezy is a nick name? where is it defined from the point of download? I
>    cannot see it.
>    I am guessing it is a nick name, but how many other people will know this?

Wheezy. It's obvious, isn't it? It comes between Squeeze and Jessie.

Wheezy is a brand. It's not really any different than "Snow Leopard" or
"XP". Do you expect people to care that one is "10.6.8" and the other

>    i am downloading debian 7 now. even if it is the best operating system in
>    the world, it will not gain populatiry because documentating does not
>    exist in customer eyes.
>    also, why still using mailing list? this is the 2013. Mailing list is like
>    living in 1993. spam bots love mail-list. mozilla bugzilla system is good
>    chat system. the user e-mail address is hidden, and there is the login
>    system. no one wants hundreds of e-mail's in inbox. or spam.

Actually, I DO want "hundreds of email's [sic] in [my] inbox". I DON'T
want to have to remember *another* login, have to visit *another*
webpage to read messages. The beauty of a mailing list is that the
messages are delivered to you. Filtering messages into folders isn't
really that hard (whether you do it server- or client-side).

And, please, don't impugn debian's spam filter. Do you know how many
spam messages it blocks each day?

>    i like open source projects and i hope the best for debian, but developers
>    must come with real times

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