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Debian 7

Debian developers have allot to learn

still in 2013 the documentation is flawed from the very first line.


"Debian wheezy -- Installation Guide"

What is Debian wheezy? I only downloaded 'Debian 7'.
wheezy is a nick name? where is it defined from the point of download? I cannot see it.
I am guessing it is a nick name, but how many other people will know this?

i am downloading debian 7 now. even if it is the best operating system in the world, it will not gain populatiry because documentating does not exist in customer eyes.

also, why still using mailing list? this is the 2013. Mailing list is like living in 1993. spam bots love mail-list. mozilla bugzilla system is good chat system. the user e-mail address is hidden, and there is the login system. no one wants hundreds of e-mail's in inbox. or spam.

i like open source projects and i hope the best for debian, but developers must come with real times

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