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Re: jessie release goals

+++ Wookey [2013-05-07 22:31 +0100]:

> The tradeoff is:
> 1) (Move _all_ headers to /usr/include/triplet)
>  * Much duplication of installed headers
>  * Only one system include dir, which fits current build-system 
>      expectations
> 2) (Move only arch-dependent headers to /usr/include/triplet)
>  * No duplication of headers
>  * Two system include dirs, which may confuse/break some builds
> In both cases things which manage to explictly look only in '/usr/include'
>      may fail to build, but much more likely for 2. I have no idea how
> much a problem this would be in practice.
> '1)', above has been reasonably well tested in Ubuntu raring, 

Sorry, I meant '2)' there. Apologies for confusion.

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