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Re: jessie release goals

On 05/06/2013 08:49 AM, Andreas Beckmann wrote:


now might be the right time to start a discussion about release goals
for jessie. Here are some points that come into my mind right now (and
some were already discussed very recently):

* multiarch compatible binNMUs
* discarding maintainer uploaded binary packages [!arch:all]
* discarding maintainer uploaded binary packages [incl. arch:all]
* extending binNMUs to allow rebuilding arch:all packages (so it's no
longer a "binary only" but a sourceful no-change rebuild - the classic
binNMU should stay of course)

I don't know whether it would be practical, but one thing I would like
to see included as an explicit goal is the completion of multi-arch -dev

There is functionality provided by the old ia32-libs-dev package which
is not apparently possible - short of installing the necessary headers
and so forth by hand, and maybe not even then - with multi-arch library
packages, unless multi-arch -dev packages are also supported. Since they
aren't, this means the transition from ia32-libs to multiarch introduces
a regression.

Since I use some of the functionality which appears to be lost in that
regression, I would hope for fixing that regression to be one of the
goals for the next release.

I understand that the necessary specification for letting this be
possible has not been completed, and that work on that is ongoing. I am
certainly not attempting to bash anyone for the regression; delaying the
release of wheezy until the work could be completed, such as would have
been necessary to avoid the regression without delaying multiarch, would
plainly not have been a reasonable option.

That said, I'd obviously prefer this not to continue to be delayed any
longer than necessary, and including it on the list of release goals
seems like an appropriate way of raising its profile (and/or its
priority) in pursuit of that.

   The Wanderer

Warning: Simply because I argue an issue does not mean I agree with any
side of it.

Every time you let somebody set a limit they start moving it.
  - LiveJournal user antonia_tiger

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