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Re: Switching packages to non-awaiting triggers

Am 2013-05-07 21:09, schrieb Игорь Пашев:
This might be a problem for systemd, but I will talk about SMF [1] and
concrete example - dbus.

1. dbus package includes SMF manifest
2. for dbus service to appear, its manifest should be imported
3. importing manifests if done via triggers (AFAIK like in systemd package)
4. dbus service is enabled by default (will start automatically after
importing the manifest)

so if installing dbus package, dbus service failed to start because of
missing /etc/dbus-1/system.conf.

This looks like trigger is activated before dbus package is configured.

Is it correct?

I can't speak for SMF, but it's definitely *not* how dbus is started under systemd, or any other systemd service for that matter.
We don't use dpkg triggers to start (systemd) services.

Just wanted to make sure this misconception is cleared up.


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