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Switching packages to non-awaiting triggers


To be able to fix dpkg bug #671711, we should first reduce or completely
eliminate the possibilty for triggered packages needing its configured
dependencies, not ending up being in triggers-awaited status awaiting on

For packages installing triggers for things that are not necessary for
the triggering package to operate correctly, this is pretty easy, by
switching those triggers to their noawait forms:

  interest → interest-noawait
  activate → activate-noawait

supported by the dpkg in stable, which in addition should produce easier
upgrade paths.

Examples of this are man pages (#707129) or info documents (#707133),
others could be menu, desktop or dictionary triggers, but that depends
on how the triggering packages make use of them. I'd be glad if people
who know any package registering triggers could mention if they think
those could be switched. Reporting bugs afterwards or even handling the
switch directly for those would be much appreciated. :)


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