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Re: Removal of the /selinux directory

Am 07.05.2013 17:55, schrieb Laurent Bigonville:
> The directory should already be automatically removed by dpkg during
> the upgrade as it was shipped by the package and not created by the
> postinstall script. I'm not sure this was clear enough.

This was indeed not clear to me, so thanks for the clarification.

Your proposal seems fine then.
For users, which don't have selinux enabled (which should be the vast
majority), the directory will be removed on upgrades.
And, as you said, wheezy already switched to the new location, I assume
selinux users with a standard setup, will have the directory be removed
on upgrades, too.

If you want to be extra nice, you could add a NEWS.Debian entry about
this change, and maybe run mountpoint /selinux in postinst, referring to
that NEWS entry for users with a non-standard setup.


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