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Re: Current and upcoming toolchain changes for jessie

On Tue, May 07, 2013 at 05:48:52PM +0200, Aurelien Jarno wrote:
> Even if I have to admit I currently don't have a lot of time, it would
> have been nice to keep the other people in the team in the loop about
> such an upload.

You'd been fairly inactive of late, and I felt I'd take some initiative
here instead of asking you about every upload.  Apologies, no offense
was meant.  I'd been told that you're fairly busy with real life, so
was trying to pull up some slack, that's all.

> > The other unfortunate issue with the glibc bump to 2.17 is that it
> > has left kfreebsd behind with some pthread mutex changes that need
> > some love from BSD porters to untangle.  We had hoped that leaving
> > it FTBFS in experimental for several months and gently pinging would
> > have been enough of a hint, but we can't wait forever either.  For a
> > porter who knows FreeBSD and pthreads inside out, the work to fix
> > glibc 2.17 on kfreebsd should be trivial.  Patches welcome.
> I haven't been able to find mails about that on the debian-bsd mailing
> list. Could you please point me to them?

It was discussed on IRC with both 2.16 and 2.17 with you, among other
people.  I gave a stab at fixing some of it, but my BSD/pthreads know-
how wasn't up to the task.  You're right that I didn't mail the list,

> > For the Debian glibc maintainers, Adam Conrad
> Now I understand why I was not in the loop, I am not member of the team
> anymore. Glad to learn that in such an email.

You're clearly still a member of the team.  That was just how doko
signed the email from both of us, I imagine he also didn't ask all the
GCC uploaders/committers for their permission on his uploads either.

Again, no personal offense was meant here, and the beginning of a new
release seemed like the optimal time to make major toolchain changes,
rather than waiting several months.  The bugs had been filed (and many
fixed) long ago.  Other than the kfreebsd situation, this isn't a
particularly nasty transition, per se.

... Adam

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