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Re: Current and upcoming toolchain changes for jessie

On Tue, May 07, 2013 at 03:25:29PM +0200, Matthias Klose wrote:
> Up to today jessie did see updates for the kernel headers, eglibc, and
> GCC.

What a wonderful coordination with the release team. Quoting the last
mail from them on the mailing list:

| As for Squeeze, we'd ask that you co-ordinate particularly large
| transitions or changes; if your plans involve major toolchain changes or
| otherwise have the potential to cause problems in unstable for a long
| time (e.g. due to FTBFS issues), please talk to us. 

> == (e)glibc 2.17 ==
> glibc's version bump to 2.17 should be mostly uneventful, with the
> exception of a few more compiler warnings and errors, and the long
> overdue removal of gets() from the API.  FTBFS bugs for the above
> have already been filed, and patches submitted for many of the new
> build failures.

Even if I have to admit I currently don't have a lot of time, it would
have been nice to keep the other people in the team in the loop about
such an upload.

> The other unfortunate issue with the glibc bump to 2.17 is that it
> has left kfreebsd behind with some pthread mutex changes that need
> some love from BSD porters to untangle.  We had hoped that leaving
> it FTBFS in experimental for several months and gently pinging would
> have been enough of a hint, but we can't wait forever either.  For a
> porter who knows FreeBSD and pthreads inside out, the work to fix
> glibc 2.17 on kfreebsd should be trivial.  Patches welcome.

I haven't been able to find mails about that on the debian-bsd mailing
list. Could you please point me to them?


> For the Debian glibc maintainers, Adam Conrad

Now I understand why I was not in the loop, I am not member of the team
anymore. Glad to learn that in such an email.


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