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Re: Interactive package management via aptitude

Le mardi 9 avril 2013 13:29:09, Wookey a écrit :
> I too am a huge aptitude fan. The curses UI is brilliant for working
> out what's up when things are a bit broken. However it doesn't deal
> with multiarch well so I've been stuck with apt-get trying to work out
> fro the tealeaves what's wrong. Is anyone actually working on making
> the aptitude multiarch-friendly, or planning to? Or has at least
> tthought about how hard a problem it is?

I had the problem for a few month when I enabled multiarch but then things 
went fine again after the upload of aptitude and its set of 
multiarch-related bug fix (Debian #672340, LP #831768 and LP #968412).

> Wookey

Best regards,


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