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Re: NEW processing during freezes (Was: R 3.0.0 and required rebuilds of all reverse Depends: of R)

+++ Luca Falavigna [2013-04-01 17:06 +0200]:
>    Since July 1st (first day of Wheezy freeze), we have the following
>    figures:
>    * 2085 NEW packages received (7.694 per day)
>    * 1379 were accepted (5.089 per day)
>    * 213 were rejected (0.786 per day)
>    * 130 generated comments from FTP Team (0.480 per day)

Wow you guys are busy. I had no idea we generated new packages at such
a rate, even in freeze time.

>    During the freeze, the number of NEW packages received dropped by a half
>    if compared to the average during active development (about 14,85 packages
>    each day), so the number of actions by the FTP Team (about�13.5 accepts,
>    1.2 rejects, 0.5 comments each day). 

>    Just for the record, FTP Team managed to keep the NEW queue around ten
>    packages for more than one year and a half, average processing time was
>    less than two days. 

Yes, and that excellent record was certainly appreciated by me. You
(the FTP team as a whole) probably don't get told often enough so:
'Thanks for doing a somewhat dull job very well'. 

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