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Re: NEW processing during freezes


Am Montag, den 01.04.2013, 17:06 +0200 schrieb Luca Falavigna:
> Just for the record, FTP Team managed to keep the NEW queue around ten
> packages for more than one year and a half, average processing time
> was less than two days. 

I did a few uploads during that time and really enjoyed the speed; a lot
of kudos for that.

The (luxury) problem is that I got used to it and began uploading the
new (and NEW) dependency bar of package foo along with the new version
of foo (instead of uploading bar first, wait for NEW processing and only
then bump foo’s version), because it was more convenient for me and the
packaging team and worked fine.

Then suddenly NEW processing slowed down (for understandable reasons
that Luca outlined) considerably without me realizing it, or realizing
that it is more than just a temporary ditch, so now everytime I do that,
foo is uninstallable for a prolonged period of time.

So it is not so much the processing speed of NEW that sometimes
irritates me, but rather its unpredictability.

(I do not offer solutions nor blaming anyone here, just sharing my


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