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Re: R 3.0.0 and required rebuilds of all reverse Depends: of R

On Mon, Apr 01, 2013 at 03:36:35PM +0100, Neil Williams wrote:
> It is installable from experimental if the local setup is correct. It's
> only a change to apt sources and preferences, in a chroot if necessary.

This Debian. It is uninstallable there. And people (NOT ME!) can't install
it. Which is the point.

Or it even cannot be built.

It defeats the purpose of experimental when someone who want to use a package
from there need to go looking up some place where he can get the depencencies

This is a RC bug the same way as it was in unstable or anywhere else.

> How trivial do you want it?

How much do you want to go against Debians policies?

> > A few days? There's stuff there *for months*?
> That's not my experience and hasn't been for a few years now. There
> again, the FTP team are busy with the release too. Live with it or

Obviously you didn't even dare to look. I was not making this up:

> > I am not caring about R and I am not defeinibg Direk. In contrast,
> > he should have known that he shouldn't upload.
> > 
> > I am telling about the general case.

> I've worked on quite a few packages with this method over the years,
> some core stuff like curl, cairo, ldap, cups, etc. and then there's all
> the cross-build, multiarch stuff which is often dealing with toolchains
> and low level libraries. Don't lecture me about rdeps and dismiss the

So you uploaded non-bbuildab le, non-installable packages to experimental?
Oh my.

For your own repoitories you were right, but this is about Debian
and it's distro.

> advice of your peers as the ramblings of fly-by-night maintainers of
> "toy" packages. Everything related to R is a toy project to me, why
> should your toy project interfere with my development time?
> We're in the late stages of a release, that *requires* changes in how
> your R packages are handled.
> Just upload the epoch version to unstable to match testing, 1:3.0.0 to
> experimental and move on. We've all wasted enough time on this already.

Obviously you can't read (or you don't want to, which this is more
probable) but I am not talking abouut R but the general case.
I highlighted it above again for you.



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