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Re: R 3.0.0 and required rebuilds of all reverse Depends: of R

On Mon, 1 Apr 2013 14:59:14 +0200
Rene Engelhard <rene@debian.org> wrote:

> On Mon, Apr 01, 2013 at 01:47:10PM +0100, Neil Williams wrote:
> > ... and those uploads go into experimental as well. What's wrong with that?
> That non-processed NEW for packages which in turn is needed for other
> packages to go to experimental for getting them tested blocks those packages
> from being able to be uploaded/tested?

NEW processing happens whether the new package is meant for unstable or
experimental. Whether the package is in unstable or experimental does
not change how that package gets tested. It can affect how that package
affects the release.

Having packages in experimental does not block the ability to test or
upload other packages which depend on functionality in those new
versions - you just need an appropriate setup, maybe a chroot.

Even if you think there are a few days between the time taken to process
NEW for experimental vs NEW for unstable, I've seen no evidence of that
and it's not as if a few days are really going to matter. (If it's that
critical, find a webhost running Debian and install reprepro.)

> If the time then comes when this all works out itself either the package
> gets delayed or it gets uploaded to unstable "quite" (it can be tested
> in experimental for those who use/want it) untested.

Compared to going into unstable completely untested directly from
incoming? Packages don't go into testing directly from experimental,
freeze or no freeze.

Experimental packages get more testing than unstable, simply because
the package has to go through unstable after the release anyway. At
least the version you want tested is in the archive and it has no
bearing on the release.

During a release, maintainers need to take extra steps to not get in
the way of the release:

$ dch -D experimental -i "the 'No RC bugs to fix' upload."

Secondary to that, maintainers may also need to run debootstrap and
manually tweak the apt config to pull in experimental as already
described here by others.

What's so hard about that with the R packages?

We are trying to release, that means that *everyone* has some extra
work to do either directly to help or at the absolute minimum to not get
in the way of those who are helping.


Neil Williams

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