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Re: packaging PostBooks (business accounting/CRM/ERP)

On 22/03/13 00:18, Andrew Shadura wrote:
> Hello,
> On Fri, 22 Mar 2013 00:09:20 +0100
> Daniel Pocock <daniel@pocock.com.au> wrote:
> > Would you be able to take over the ITP bug I created?  Then you will
> > be the one closing it when you upload.
> > I did a search for any ITP bug before I filed one myself, but I'm
> > quite happy to test your packages instead of making my own.  Are they
> > tracked in git somewhere?
> The sources are hg-tracked actually, but not in public yet. 90%-ready
> is now package for openrpt, there are just minor issues with it; xtuple
> package has more of them, and it's not easy to resolve them without
> upstream, and somehow they're a bit slow.

Could you comment on the nature of the issues, maybe add details to the
ITP bug report in case other contributors can help?

Are they issues that can be fixed by maintaining Debian-specific
patches, or does it potentially require a repackaged source tarball?

> If I have time I will put what I have on-line very soon.

Can you make any comment on your experience as a user of the package as
well?  Have you used QuickBooks or some other finance software before?

My initial impression of PostBooks compared to Quickbooks:

- free software
- SQL back-end
- multi-user
- multi-platform

potential negatives for some users:
- it doesn't appear to have the same `shortcuts' for entering expenses
quickly, every expense seems to need multiple steps, like creating a
purchase order first
- although the GUI is nice, it doesn't appear to be able to visualise
everything instantly, e.g. I couldn't see any way to just open a bank
account and start editing transactions like in Quickbooks
- it also appears to have a focus on workflows involving cheques (which
are still common in the US) rather than bank transfers (which are common
in Europe)

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