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Re: packaging PostBooks (business accounting/CRM/ERP)


On Thu, 21 Mar 2013 21:36:04 +0100
Daniel Pocock <daniel@pocock.com.au> wrote:

> On the technical side, I found the project quite confusing at first
> because although it is open source, it is not conveniently distributed
> as a single source tarball, I had to build from SVN - and there are a
> dozen different SVN repos[3] relating to the project, which is itself
> slightly confusing.

> Once you know which repos to check out, it actually builds and runs
> very smoothly using the qt and postgres dependencies in Debian
> squeeze - all the notes about my experience with it so far in the ITP
> bug[4]

> It would also be useful for me to know which other accounting packages
> are popular in the free software community and whether people would
> use PostBooks if it was packaged.  I tried GnuCash, but it seems more
> like the most basic version of Quickbooks or Microsoft Money.
> PostBooks genuinely offers many of the `Pro' features of QuickBooks
> or Sage, but appears a lot less complicated than a fully customizable
> solution like Adempiere, so I definitely think this fills a gap.

Daniel, I have almost finished packaging Postbooks. The packages aren't
yet in good shape and need some clean-up and fixing, and I'm waiting for
response from upstream to fix some of those issues. They seem to be
very interested in doing that, so I hope we'll do some progress in that.

WBR, Andrew

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