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Re: Graphic card installation problem

> Hi. I've just bought a new notebook. It has an external graphic card: AMD
> Radeon HD 7670M 2GB. I installed Ubuntu 12.10. I've been trying to install > the driver for more than 2 hours. However, I couldn't do it yet. When I try
> to install the drivers that Ubuntu indicates, I reboot my PC, an error
> occurs: You are using low-graphics... (like that). I also downloaded the
> driver from AMD web site. I faced this situation again. Please help me about
> what I should do. Thanks in advance...

I'm not DD or DM (yet), only an l10n contributor.

First of all, this is the wrong list for you. debian-devel is about the Debian
development and not for support.

As you use "downstream", you should primarily search for Ubuntu help (forums, LUGs, mailing lists). And whereever you ask for help: give as much information
as you can.

Which driver causes problems? Have you already searched information regarding
$(your driver) with $(search engine)? Did you look at the BTS/PTS? If your
problem is yet unknown, mail the packages maintainers or file a bug report.


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